About Us

In today’s world, abusing the nature has led to numerous diseases and syndromes. Pollution, faulty lifestyle, contamination and genetic modifications of food items have taken their toll. Health has become a commodity in demand.

A healthy Individual makes a healthy family, healthy families make healthy communities/neighborhoods, healthy neighborhoods make healthy cities, then healthy states/countries and finally a healthy world.

This is the place where a clinic steps in, by playing a role of assisting an individual to stay healthy thereby nurturing the dream of a healthy world.

There are clinics and there are more clinics.  But Anam Clinic is a clinic with a difference – A clinic with a human touch.  Founded in the year 2004 at the Old Malakpet area of the Historic mega city of Hyderabad India by Dr. Munawer Fatima Afzal M.D, a renowned and experienced obstetrician and Gynecologist of Hyderabad known in medical circles for her compassion towards treating the health problems of her patients.

Dr. Munawer Fatima Afzal is a alumni of famous Nizamia Tibbi collge of Hyderabad and believes in fusion of the old with the new.

Anam Clinic’s bouquet of services range from wide variety of treatments and services covering various areas of healthcare, prominent among them being:

  • Habitual & early abortions
  • Pregnancy related disorders
  • Obesity & all diseases of women & children
  • Beauty related issues
  • Lifestyle related diseases and problems