Welcome to Anam Clinic – The Clinic with a human touch.

Founded on 1st January 2004 by a renowned and exprienced obstetrician & Gynecologist Dr. Munawer Fatima Afzal M.D, in the Old Malakpet area of Hyderabad.  Anam clinic has a hundreds of satisfied and happy patients to its credit.

The clinic brings to you the fusion of old and new approaches in the field of medicines which goes a long way in prevention and treatment of various diseases/disorders and eradicating many of them completely.

By the grace of Allah and the keen interest taken by Dr. Sahiba my fertility problems that were leading me into a deep depression were taken care of, both on medical and psycological front and Alhamdulliah I am a happy mother today .

I am  very very satisfied with the help and effort put up by the Doctor. She isn’t only a thorough professional but also a person with a human touch.

Our bouquet of services range from wide variety of treatments and services covering various areas of healthcare, prominent among them being:

Infertility treatment

  • Habitual & early abortions
  • Pregnancy related disorders
  • Obesity & all diseases of women & children
  • Beauty related issues
  • Lifestyle related diseases and problems

Anam Clinic believes that “Every Illness has a cure” and therefore strives to find a cure for its patients with an individualistic and holistic approach.

Wish you health and prosperity coupled with happiness. May God keep you hale, hearty and healthy always….